Our new Parliamentarian!

As some of you know Chris Cox after 4 years service, has, by the rules laid down, had to step down from the Wolves Parliament. But knowing this was looming he spoke to some of the members for a replacement and Owen Hughes stepped forward and has been accepted by Wolves.

Early into the new season we’ll set up some sort of link to Owen so that you can get any issues raised with him directly. Needless to say the Chairman has already been bending his ear about various issues, not least the upheaval from the North Bank whilst the ground is redeveloped.

I’ll get a photo of Owen shortly to add onto the website so that you know who he is. But he attends most games and will stand up to the football club and make his point in the right way. I’m sure you all join me in wishing Owen god luck in this new role on our behalf.


There are no tickets on sale at the moment. Check back at least 7 days before the next home game.

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