The DDCWWFCSC was founded on the 3rd October 1975 by Richard Meacock, Frank Hobbs and Chris Cox in the Top Bar of the Dun Cow, Brook Street, Daventry. It was Richard’s idea to form the club and it was quickly decided that subscriptions should be set at 15p per week, the price of a pint! Richard then had the plan that the subs should go towards an end of season dinner to be held in the Restaurant in the rear of the Dun Cow. That season membership grew through word of mouth, a Dinner was held in the restaurant and the then Wolves Captain Mike Bailey and his wife Barbara attended.

Richard Meacock at Coxy's in 2008
Richard Meacock at Coxy’s in 2008

The event was such a success that the Annual Dinner or DDCWWFCSCADD quickly became a firm fixture in the calendar and although it has been held at various venues both near and far it still remains the highlight of our club’s year. They are still held in and around the Daventry area, usually at the Staverton Park Hotel, which is very popular with members and guests alike.

Special anniversaries are celebrated in the Hayward Suite at Molineux and the 21st, 25th and 30th Anniversaries have been celebrated in this way. 2010 will see our 35th Anniversay and the intention will be to return to the Hayward Suite once again.

In our second season we launched our Player of the Year or DDCWWFCSCPOTY, the outcome of which was decided by each member at each match voting for his or her man of the match. This method still remains to this day and has survived possible changes largely due to it’s simplicity. Many famous names have won it over the years a list of which plus current standings can be found on our POTY page.

Following on from Mike’s attendance at the first Dinner he was invited to become an Honorary Member of the DDCWWFCSC and he formed very close links with our membership during the rest of his career at Molineux. Again this is a tradition that continues to this day with Kevin Foley our current man in the dressing room, but some very close and firm friendships have been formed with our Honorary Members. For a full list please see the Honorary Members section of this site.

For years our membership had come together on the terraces of the old North Bank, then, when it was closed for safety reasons we decamped to the terracing of the old South Bank. But our spiritual home was the North Bank; so when the new Stan Cullis stand was opened in 1993, we wanted to be part of it. So we underwent a fund raising exercise, and with the help of the Football Club we had first pick in the new stand and we took some 51 seats for the first season. In that 51 we had 5 club seats so that members could bring along friends and family to one off games so that they could still sit together even though one had a season ticket and the other didn’t. The number of seats in our block has increased slightly over the years and the number of guest seats available for each home game has risen to ten. Details of these can be found on out tickets page, but you have to be a member to book.

We also arrange away tickets for members and own in the club a few away season tickets to help our allocation for crucial games. Again these can be booked online on our ticket page, but it is only a facility for members, and the normal arrangement is that you collect and pay Simon Yates aka Cluff in the Western at a previous home game.

For several years now the Great Western in Sun Street has been our watering hole before and after games. It is from here you pay for and collect your match tickets, where you meet other members, record your POTY votes etc. Members are usually found in the conservatory area at the rear of the pub.

For away games we are usually to be found at the best real ale pub in town! Simon issues drinking instructions ahead of each fixture and the details will now appear on our Drinking Page. This will include directions, food information, times etc.

Another key social event is our Summer Barbecue. This is a chance for us all to get together in the close season, catch up with each other and give our kids a chance to get to know each other. There’s usually a lads against dad’s 20 a side football match, but the kids are crafty and wait until the Dads have had a few pints first, and can’t run! There’s plenty of food for everyone, and beer and wine too.

Finally, the members always have something to say, so we have a members only forum, to debate the topics of the day, to moan or praise as appropriate. We also have a news section, which is for details of DDCWWFCSC news and events that we have coming up.

Organised travel is something we don’t do often. We our membership coming from all over it takes a special occasion for us to organise coaches. But when we do make sure you are on board as it is usually great value for money and you should know most people travelling with you.


There are no tickets on sale at the moment. Check back at least 7 days before the next home game.

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