Matt Murray

Matt Murray was one of the guests at the 35th Anniversary of the DDCWWFCSC, it was his first encounter with us as a group, and he took part and was enjoying his evening. A huge figure in many ways – not least for his goalkeeping feats and attributes – he seemed very at home in the midst of our members, as well as being an easy target for the peashooters amongst us!

At the end of the speeches and presentations he was asked in front of the assembled members and guests if he would join the ranks of our Honorary Members, and to the delight of everyone present he accepted.

Afterwards he spoke excitedly with Coxy about his new role, how much he appreciated being asked and how much he had enjoyed the Dinner. Subsequently, he has been in contact and is working out how he can out do Willie Carr’s singing at Dinners. He even presented Coxy with his club tie too during a conversation about real ale where he showed a cautious approach.

Matt subsequently asked Coxy to be on his Testimonial Committee, and a very proud Coxy was delighted to accept. The events to date have all been a huge success, they included a kids football tournament with the finalists playing at Molineux during Halftime of the Real Zaragotha pre-season friendly. Then there was a golf day and dinner in the Belfry in May which was a fantastic day with several members attending in the evening. September saw Matt’s Dinner which celebrated his biggest event in his playing career; the play off final victory over Sheffield United. There were 2 and a half tables of members present to join in the excellent festivities.

Finally there will be his match on Sunday 9th October at 2pm where Matt takes to the pitch at Molineux for the last time.

In his first year as Honorary member Matt has been outstanding for our club. First he came with Kevin Foley and their wives to the Church End Brewery for an informal get together. Then he brought all his family along to the BBQ in the Summer. Now he’s been very influential in getting Matt Jarvis along to receive his POTY award.