John Gough

Our newest Honorary Member is Wolves Director John Gough who accepted our invitation to become Honorary Member at the Annual Dinner on the 16th January 2010.  We first came into real contact with John when he attended our Annual Dinner in 2008, although he had encountered Coxy previously at Fans Parliament meetings. He came along with his wife Helen and set about learning all about us and what we get up to. After this first encounter he went away enthusing about the DDCWWFCSC.

After this first encounter he went away enthusing about the DDCWWFCSC.

So it was no surprise when some of the members gathered in Billy’s Boot Room at Molineux a couple of weeks later to present Micky Gray with his Player of the Year award (he’d been unable to attend the dinner due to injury) that along with the pre-arranged Richard Skirrow, Rob Edwards, Kevin Foley and Micky Gray that John Gough should tag along too.

Coxy had arranged to go for a pint with Richard after the presentation an John joined in with that too, despite Helen’s protests that they were due at a 21st Birthday Party. During the conversation in the pub, John revealed how impressed he’d been at the dinner and how he had told Steve Morgan all about us and that he wanted Steve Morgan to meet us.

So a date at Bristol City was arranged in January 2009 before the game at

On the boat in Bristol

Ashton Gate which kicked off at 5:30. So there was enough time for a get together before Steve had to go to the ground for pre-match formalities.

We knew a suitable pub, a floating pub on the river within walking distance of the ground, and the time was set. John and Helen arrived early met with Coxy and Tony Dixon who was driving for once, and explained that someone was needed to fetch Steve and wife from their hotel. So Tony and his Astra were commandeered by John and off they went to collect the Multi millionaire owner. John had arranged about an hour, but it turned out that a good time was had by all and he actually stayed for two.

We next saw John and Helen in the pub before the game at Hillsborough when they joined us for a couple of pints before the match. Little did we know at the time, but we met John in the same pub again just before the season ended.

It was of course the DDCWWFCSC Championship winning party back at the New Barrack Tavern after the penultimate game of the season at Barnsley. Coxy had put some of the club funds behind the bar for free beer and chilli, and we were in full cry when John walked in to join us in celebrating. Not only that he stuck a wodge of his own cash behind the bar too, to buy everyone present a drink.

Mixing freely with the members, he enjoyed his evening before getting younger members Sam & Ben Protheroe and Mark Wright to take him home.

So in his short time of knowing us John has been very active and had a lot of contact with us. He is always enthusiastic of his role as a Director of Wolves and clearly loves being with the fans. I’m sure he will prove to be a worthy honorary member of the DDCWWFCSC.