Happy New Season!

I’m sure we said something similar last year! We never considered relegation prior to the big kick off at Leeds last season so who knows what will happen this time around!

The big clear out hasn’t happened (at the time of writing) and only 1 coming in to inspire us! Our 4th Manager Kenny Jackett in 15 months at least has some experience of where we are playing unlike his 3 predecessors who all failed miserably. Hopefully this one will turn the club around at get it out of the malaise it’s been in for far too long.

Due to continued home defeats and members not wanting to attend over the last 2 seasons we now only have 4 season tickets belonging to the club and up for grabs for each home game. Having lost money on them for two seasons we felt this was an appropriate level for this season. so if you are coming to an odd game please book of of our first and help keep the match ticket facility alive. You can book now for Gillingham on 10th August. The first home game which kicks off at 3pm!

Everything else will be done in the same way as in previous years. Subs are staying at their current level and we’ll be having a do in the Autumn. Still holidays first – see you on 10th August by which time we’ll hopefully have a point or three, and be in the second round of the League Cup! Fingers crossed

Cheers Coxy






There are no tickets on sale at the moment. Check back at least 7 days before the next home game.

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