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Not a renowned drinking town, so you pays yer money, takes yer choice! The Wetherspoons near the Tower is a possible for any early arrivals – the Albert & Lion. In the direction of the ground, the Pump & Truncheon has a few beers, but isn’t now in the latest GBG. There are 2 others nearer the ground – the Old Bridge House, & the Auctioneer (another ‘Spoons) The Shovels, near the airport, has several guests, but is a couple of miles from the ground. The Saddle, ~ 1+ mile west of Bloomfield Road has 6 beers or so. For anyone staying over – Lytham looks a lot more promising – 7 miles or so south. 3 good pubs within a short stagger! Good luck


There are no tickets on sale at the moment. Check back at least 7 days before the next home game.

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