Frank Clarke RIP

I am very sad to announce the death of Frank Clarke on Sunday 2nd july after a long illness. Frank the brother of Light’ouse AKA Robert Clarke was very active in the DDCWWFCSC in our early years involved in many of our activities. I have many memories of Frank – all of them with a smile on his face. Although not directly involved in recent years he retained a love of all things WWFC. Our thoughts are with his wife Chris and their family at this difficult time.

Barbecue this Saturday

The DDCWWFCSC summer BBQ is on Saturday the 10th June.

All the food and beer are on order so come along and talk football, while you eat drink and be merry

All for £10 per family for members

The usual place, the usual time

See you there

The Beer Train is back!

We’ve been waiting for an early kick off but it doesn’t look as though we are going to get one, so we have plumped for Saturday 22nd April after the Blackburn game at Molineux.

I’m reliably told there is a new pub and new destination for us to visit this year as well.

So we will go straight to the station to catch the 17:25 train from Wolverhampton, then start the journey back on the 20:05 stopping off at the other stops on the return journey for further refreshments.

As in previous years the train fare for everyone will be paid for by the DDCWWFCSC, but unlike previous years you will have to get your own food. Last year due to the popularity of the event we spent the best part of 2 hours ordering and distributing the food, which resulted in some of us missing the train from Oakengates. So hopefully we can prevent that this year and keep everyone together.

Please email Coxy to book your place so that your train ticket can be pre-booked.




Chelsea & Wigan Tickets now on sale with us!

We have 5 Chelsea tickets up for grabs on the website £26:50 each – I had to pay a booking fee!!

Plus Wigan tickets for Tuesday night – please email if you want one





Brentford tickets available now

Brentford tickets for Saturday 24th September now available

Book now on the home page of the website.



Dinner Date for you – 5th November

We are booked in to Highgate House for our 41st Annual Dinner on 5th November. A popular venue with great food, and lovely accommodation it falls after the early kick off with Derby County, so there’s plenty of time for everyone to get there and cleaned up after the match.

Similar format to previous years 5 course dinner, speeches (but reduced as a result of the survey) and dancing to a disco. Late bar with real ale will be available, prices still being sorted but will be available soon.

Secure your place by giving Coxy a deposit in the Western



Our survey heading your way

As I spoke about at the Dinner we have now compiled a survey on the DDCWWFCSC to see in which direction you the members want it to go. We have tried to cover all areas of the club, and are also looking to get new ideas for the way forward.

So please give 5 minutes of your time to answer the questions and add in the comments. We will be listening to your feedback and looking to implement all those ideas which are practicable.

Thanks for your help, enjoy the summer and let’s see you at the BBQ on 11th June at Snelly’s Mum’s house

Cheers Coxy



Let the Beer Train roll….

As most of you know the Saturday early kick off for the Derby game gives us opportunity for the beer train to roll again. As in previous years we”ll head off to Oakengates by train after the game where we will enjoy a couple of hours drinking before getting back on the train to Shifnal. We’ll stop for an hour before heading back as far as Codsall for a further hour of drinks.

The finally it’ll be back to the Western to finish the night off.

For members if booked in advance the DDCWWFCSC will buy the train tickets, then while in Oakengates we will also buy fish and chips.

To book email Coxy then just turn up on the day.


No Bus to West Ham

I have been notified by Wolves that we cannot have the requested tickets for us to run a bus to West Ham. I will forward on the email from Lynne O’Reardon Ticket Office Manager to you all.

So with trying to make this up to you all we shall be doing the train trip again on Saturday 27th February following the early kick of against Derby.

Sorry again about the lack of bus, but Happy Christmas to you and yours.

Cheers  Coxy




‘Boro and Brentford tickets both on sale

I have had the Brentford tickets on sale now for a few days, but on the website can only sell one game at a time, so Middlesbrough are now available on the website and if you still want a Brentford ticket please email me.