Subs Increase

Well it had to happen and I have told most of you – so don’t act surprised!! Yes after some 20 odd years subs are going up. Their will be 3 price bands which are:-

Children & People in full time education unchanged at £2:50 per season.

Retired People irrespective of age: £5 per season.

Full membership for the rest of us: £10 per season.

There are several reasons for this, to increase our working capital during the season, to help finance the 35th Annual Dinner in October and because it’s about time they bloody well did!!

It will still be the best £10 you spend all year, and all the same events services etc remain in place. Although we can’t promise we’ll try to keep it at £10 for the foreeable future, but maybe not 20 years!!


There are no tickets on sale at the moment. Check back at least 7 days before the next home game.

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