Where the hell are you from?
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Well when it comes to visitors to this site, all over the world actually!

We have monitored the locations of our overseas visitors to this website since it was launched in Autumn 2009 and we have had visitors from 25 different countries.

Now we have members in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, and Sweden who kepp in touch in their own way and look us up when they are in the country, but we have also had visitors from these countries too:-

Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Malta, Russia, Singapore, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Norway, Switzerland, Israel, South Africa, France, Greece, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Mexico and Suadi Arabia.

If you are overseas please answer our simple questionaire on the home page, and if you want to tell us more or get a letter published on this website please email us on the club’s email address.

Chris Cox is co founder and chairman of the DDCWWFCSC.
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