Guest writers wanted please!
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We have a section on this site for guest writers, an area of the site which has been very quiet for too long. So now it’s your chance to have a go…

I want articles on Wolves Managers please, I have started the ball rolling with one on Mick McCarthy, now I want you to do one too. Any Wolves Manager, short or long pieces. Send your efforts by email and we’ll upload onto the site.


Chris Cox

Chris Cox is co founder and chairman of the DDCWWFCSC.
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  1. Manuela Says:

    November 10th, 2015 at 11:22 pm

    I’m overjoyed wth new ararvils of the Mexican gray! In 2010, numbered in the 40 s, they had steadily been on the decline for decades. Originally, we introduced 65 to our country to preserve this rare breed found in Mexico. As of 2010, scientific data shows NONE to be found in Mexico! They actually were on path to extinction as far back as the 20 s. For all those who think we couldn’t make such a large impact’ to this planet’s issues’. B4 U do anything-THINK! FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS AN EQUAL&OPPOSITE REACTION-simple physics!

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