Rob Edwards

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Rob Edwards became our Honorary Member after Kevin Cooper had left Wolves to play for Cardiff. Rob a Welsh International had joined Wolves from Villa despite being born in Telford, and unfortunately never really established himself in the team for any long periods. Perhaps his best spell was in Mick McCarthy’s first season in charge when he and Neill Collins formed a centre half partnership which helped get Wolves up into the Play-offs that season.

Unfortunately he had been unable to attend the Dinner the first season after he was invited into the post. Rob had been recommended by Richard Skirrow, and Richard then arranged a meeting with Rob in the player’s lounge after a game. Everything went smoothly and Rob agreed to join.

Rob was a thoroughly genuine and nice friendly person who I should say scored the best own goal playing for Wolves I have seen!

We kept in regular touch and Rob was always interested in what we were up to in the DDCWWFCSC. The following year he did attend the do and brought Andy Keogh along with him to receive his POTY award. He thoroughly enjoyed himself at the dinner particularly the pea shooters and balloons.

Rob at the do

Rob at the do

Unfortunately just as we were getting to know Rob, and he us, he had the surprise opportunity to move to Blackpool, which he took not only for the opportunity of regular first team football but also to take on the role of Captain for them. But even though he’d left Wolves he was on hand again after the home game with Blackpool when we presented Micky Gray with his award, and we also made a small presentation to Rob to thank him for his efforts on our behalf.

But our paths were to cross once more when Coxy and Adam went to see Matt Murray’s first comeback game at Nuneaton, we spotted Rob at halftime and had a good chat and Adam had his photo took with him. Rob was a thoroughly genuine and nice friendly person who I should say scored the best own goal playing for Wolves I have seen! Away at Hull some 8 yards away from the goal, but on the goal line to the side he somehow managed to lob his own goalkeeper! Fortunately we managed to go on and win the game.

Adam & Rob Edwards at Nuneaton

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  2. Hellen Says:

    November 10th, 2015 at 10:44 pm

    rob, you gonna get used to it. after a while you have a group of visitors they awylas come back. maybe because they are students or professionals or just animation fans. you basically do it for yourself and this small group. after one of my recent blogs was in the cartoonbrew news the amounts of visitors went uo to over 2.000 in one day. but who were they? it continued for about 3 days and then went back to normal, about 200 a day. when I check where they come from, they are awylas the same. it’s like old friends’. you will notice, the ones really interested will send you an e-mail and not just leave a comment. what do most of them say anyway beautiful, wow, great job well, I don’t necessarily need to read that.

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